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About Us

JU eezy is a platform created to ease campus life. It is created with a opensource vision where any JU member is free to contribute and take full credits of their work.
We started with an Android app having some basic features like providing Mess's Food Menu or helping you navigate across the campus. Since then, we never stopped. Our app has evolved. Not only app, we have developed a Google Action as well and iOS app is in development. Our team also grew. We welcome anyone who has passion to create something that is actually used by thousands of people daily.
Our motto : Deployment of skill or talent you have in Real-life is important.


Here are the features of our Android app.

  • Study Meterial (Beta)
  • Campus Guide
  • Contacts
  • Mess Food Menu
  • Stationery shop status, auto ERP Access, etc.

Please note that we are not some sort of service providers. We are coders who believe in building something useful. We build experience. We provide a platform where you can come and showcase your talent or skills.

Come join us. Let's make this second home better together.

Need for App

Everything started with just a simple problem faced on the very first day of college. Finding the LT was a headache. That wasn't the only problem. We saw how mess admins struggled writing menu on white boards. Yeah, those were the days we came from. And we changed that! And that was it. We faced problems and solved them using technology so that you don't have to face them. But this doesn't mean you just keep enjoying our efforts. You are supposed to find out where you fit in our team. Try to find out how you can help make this campus a better place so that you can change the world in future.

A skill in you without implementation, is of no use.
- Lavish Swarnkar

Need for Website

We don't want to stick to app only. Our motive is to develop the skills in you. Whether it be app development, web development, AR, VR, ML, AI or any future growing technology you can implement to solve problems faced by millions daily.
Using website you can write blog posts and share your experience with others. There is no proper communication medium in our university. Using blogs, share your stories to help others.
Also, now Food menu will also be available on website as a relief to iOS users.

Roses are red, Voilets are Blue, I have 🖖 Four fingers and one is for you
So that We can walk together.
- Deepak Choudhary

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Found anything interesting? Found a bug? Have any suggestion? Want to work with us?
We are listening. Just drop your message here.